Open Source Kubernetes IDE

Yaki stands for Yet Another Kubernetes IDE

Quickly view, debug and manage apps in your K8S using Yaki

View deployed apps and their status

Quickly view logs for any app - across pods

No registration. No cloud telemetry. No credentials leaked to cloud.


Safe and secure

Desktop app that guarantees your keys, passwords and secrets never leave your perimeter.


Very simple interface

Designed to reduce the toil of app debugging in K8s


Fast and Small

Small memory and CPU footprint
- Built using Tauri

Linux, Windows or Mac


  • Multi Cluster & Namespace

  • Logs and Resource usage

  • Quick view of all K8s resources

Paid - One Time ($39.95 )

  • All features in Free Plan

  • No Subscription

  • Use Yaki for eternity

  • Priority Support

Fast, Cheap and Secure

Quickly gain visibility of Kubernetes and the apps deployed.

(No Credit card needed)

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